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With the announcement of taskbar configuration in Windows 10 1607, I was eager to start exploring this option.

There is already released a couple of blogposts on this subject from highly skilled persons.

So I started out with high hopes, but sorry to say the way things are working now, this is not usable for me and the scenarios I’ve been working with.


Microsoft released a preview of MDT 2013 Update 1 to support Windows 10 and it’s working fine with build 9926.

Build 10041 was released to the fast ring as an update last week and as previously stated by Microsoft no updated ISO will appear before it’s released to the slow ring.

Johan Arwidmark posted an article on how to create your own ISO from Build 9860 update and this still works for Build 10041 as I tweeted last week.. (Also and updated article is posted here)

I created the ISO, imported Windows 10 Build 10041 into MDT and was ready to do and build and capture with MDT.

Everything looked fine until it came to the Sysprep step, where it failed with the following error Messages;


By looking at the LTISysprep.wsf, we can see that script check for If oEnvironment.Item(“OSCurrentBuild”) >= “6000” two places (under these two sections “Prepare for running Sysprep” and “Run the appropriate Sysprep based on the OS Version”) and this worked for previous build as it was 9926, but now it’s 10041 and it doesn’t hit this rule, so sysprep will fail.


So I edited LTISysprep.wsf and added or oEnvironment.Item(“OSCurrentBuild”) >= “10041” to the two places as shown below


Now the build and capture task sequence completed with no issues.

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