Office 365 ProPlus Application Selection

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Office 365

In the May update of Office Deployment tool and Office 365 ProPlus (15.0.4615.1001) an option that provides IT admins installing Office 365 ProPlus using the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run the ability to exclude components of the Office suite, such as Access or InfoPath has been added. This is done with the ExcludeApp attribute as I’ll show you below.

This update was released after my previous blogposting on how to customize the Office 365 ProPlus installation, so this posting will only highlight the new way todo this. All other steps can be followed in my previous posting.

  1. I’ll edit my existing Install.xml and adjust it so it looks like this;1

And now after we’ve deployed Office 365 ProPlus to our clients, we only see the Office 365 ProPlus instance in the Programs and Features view, and not every product as was the case with the previous method.3

We can verify that a customized version of Office 365 ProPlus is installed by looking at the All Apps view on the start screen;2

It’s great to see that the deployment method evolves and adds more and more features to meet the different demands out there.

  1. […] Updated post here: Office 365 ProPlus Application Selection […]

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