Show DP in use during Task Sequence

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Configuration Manager, System Center Configuration Manager 2012
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Below are some questions that tends to come up when working with OSD and Task Sequences;

  • Where are the content comming from when running the task sequence?
  • Is the Task Sequence downloading the packages from local DP or remote DP?

These types of questions typically comes when a customer have multiple DPs and would like to know if the “correct” DP is used during OSD. Offcourse you can always find this information in logs or by looking at the traffic, but most customer wants this to be displayed while the TS is running without having to do something extra.

So I’ve made an addon to the BgInfo Status Screens that are built-in to the task sequence, when you integrate MDT with SCCM, to display this information.

First we need a script to pull the the information; FindDP.vbs (You can download the script from here)

Set env = CreateObject("Microsoft.SMS.TSEnvironment") 
DP = split(SMSTSHTTPTHI0000D(2),".",-1,1)
Echo DP(0)

You need to modify the PackageID (marked red above) to match the ID your environmemt. (I’ve used the PackageID from the MDT Toolkit Package)


You then need to save this VBScript file to the Tools\x86 folder of your MDT Toolkit Package as shown below


Then we need to modify the BgInfo files provided in the MDT Toolkit Package to utilize this VBScript and display the information, below you see what changes you need to make to each of the provided BGInfo files. Alternatively, you can download a copy of them already modified here and replace the ones already existing in you Tools\x86 folder of your MDT Toolkit Package.

3 4

When done update the MDT Toolkit Package and start a new deployment and you’ll be able to see the active DP during deployment as shown below.


  1. mmarkt says:

    Thats great, do you also have a script to display the correct OSDComputername (_SMSTSMachineName) in BGInfo because now the Hostname display’s the mini-xxxx name

  2. […] Last year I blogged about how to show DP in use during OSD you can find that posting here. […]

  3. mmarkt says:

    Is it also possible to add the management point to the bginfo ?

  4. mmarkt says:


  5. mpot says:

    awesome script I have uploaded and distributed both the Computer Name and DP scripts and updated content on our DP’s. The computer name displays properly inth BFInfo field but the DP field is blank any thoughts ??? Thanks

  6. Chandan says:

    the vbscript file should be in ANSI or should be saved in ANSI to have it working. Had tough time figuring it out. LOL

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