Where are my Windows 8 apps?

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Windows 8

So you have installed Windows 8 on your machine and want to try out some apps from the store, but you only see a small subset of applications as the screenshot below shows. (33 apps in the Top Free category)

You’ve read some tweets or postings about Microsoft releasing a Lync client to the store and Citrix has released Citrix Receiver, but you can’t find them anywhere. So let’s try and search for them, but as you see below that dosen’t help either;

The reason for this is a setting in the Store, that will only show applications that contains your own language by default, you need to turn this off to able to see all applications in the Store. To do this you do the following;

  • Start the Store application
  • Press Win+C
  • Select Settings on the charms bar
  • Select Preferences
  • Turn off the setting “Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages”


Now you will see all the applications in the Store (98 apps in the Top Free category) and also be able to search for them, happy shopping 🙂



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