Configuration Manager 2012 Port Information and Spreadsheet

Posted: November 9, 2012 in System Center Configuration Manager 2012

A while back I blogged about the spreadsheet Chris Nackers made for documenting all the ports needed when working with Configuration Manager, that spreadsheet was made for 2007. I’ve created a new version of the spreadsheet that is adjusted to Configuration Manager 2012.

It works exactly like the previous version; on the 2nd sheet, you can put in the names of the servers for the various ConfigMgr roles. Once you do that, the 1st sheet will auto populate with those names. Once this is completed you will have a nice sheet you can show the client, or your network team that shows what ports needed to be open and from where to where.

This information is based upon this TechNet article and the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Unleashed book

Download the spreadsheet; ConfigMgr 2012 Detailed Port Information v1.0

  1. […] Be sure to read his post and grab the latest version here. […]

  2. What did you actually update for 2012? There are some changes for 2012 SP1, there weren’t a ton for 2012 i didn’t think though?

  3. lol says:

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much for making this; it was a big help to me.

    • Christian says:

      Sorry about the stupid question but can you please let me know if this is correct:
      Server1= Primary
      Client=Managed systems
      DC1=Domain controller
      IT Admin= Domain admin group?
      File= File server

      If this is correct I dont understand how you will open from sever 1 to server1?

  4. Paul T Ireland says:

    This spreadsheet is fantastic! I was wondering if you could help me modify it though. I want to have the ports for 2 sites with the CAS and one Primary at one site, and another Primary at another site with a WAN link.

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