Upgrade from SCCM 2012 RC2 to SCCM 2012 RTM

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Configuration Manager, System Center Configuration Manager 2012

After I downloaded the SC 2012 RTM package, I decided to run an upgrade of my SCCM 2012 lab. For more information about supported upgrade scenarios you can check this site; http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg682077.aspx#BKMK_SupConfigUpgrdePath

Before I started the upgrade the version of SCCM was 5.0.7703.0 (SCCM 2012 RC2)

  1. I selected “Upgrade an existing Configuration Manager 2012 installation”
  2. Select to continue with evaluation or type in product key, I selected to type in product key
  3. Accept Software License Terms
  4. Accept Prerequisite Licenses
  5. Specify where to store Prerequisite files
  6. Prerequisite files will start to download
  7. Continue with the upgrade
  8. Check the problems that the prerequisite checker reports, then continue with installation
  9. The upgrade will then start;

    You can press View Log to monitor the upgrade progress with CMTrace;
  10. After the SQL Server database has been upgraded, the process will continue with upgrading the other SCCM components
  11. The upgrade is complete, you can press the View Log to see details about the process. Press close to exit the Setup Wizard

Let’s check the version now and as you can see it’s now 5.0.7711.0 and that is the SCCM 2012 RTM Build number.

Here are some more screenshots so you can see that the content is there after the upgrade;

  1. FixZitNow says:

    Thank you for your great information on how to upgrade from RC2 to RTM. This is very helpful for me. Thank you!

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