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Brad Tucker posted a great article on how to expire stand-alone media over at The Deployment Guys, this is really helpful if you want to add some control over the stand-alone media.

I also want to point out Michael Petersen blog on how to set up the Custom Media Hook, this posting explains the use of Custom Media Hook in detail so you can use it in other scenarios also.


Want to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your PC, check that your hardware and software is compatible at Compatibility Center for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

In Part 1 we took a look at Computer Groups, this time we take a look at Schedules.

Schedules enable you to define when a Workflow or Activity can run. For example, there may be times when it is inappropriate to run some Workflows, such as running a backup Workflow on a main server during regular business hours.

1. Checking a Schedule

This Workflow uses the Check Schedule Activity to match the current date/time (the date and time of when the ‘Weekday?’ Activity is started) against a Schedule that is active on weekdays only:

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The Solution Accelerators team has announced that Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 RC1 is available for download on Connect now.

New features and enhancements make large-scale desktop and server deployments smoother than ever!

Support for Configuration Manager 2012 RC2: This update provides support for Configuration Manager 2012 RC2 releases. MDT 2012 fully leverages the capabilities provided by Configuration Manager 2012 for OS deployment. The latest version of MDT offers new User-Driven Installation components and extensibility for Configuration Manager 2007 and 2012. Users now also have the ability to migrate MDT 2012 task sequences from Configuration Manager 2007 to Configuration Manager 2012.

Customize deployment questions: For System Center Configuration Manager customers, MDT 2012 provides an improved, extensible wizard and designer for customizing deployment questions.

Ease Lite Touch installation: The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) is now integrated with Lite Touch Installation, providing remote control and diagnostics. New monitoring capabilities are available to check on the status of currently running deployments. LTI now has an improved deployment wizard user experience. Enhanced partitioning support ensures that deployments work regardless of the current structure.

Secure Deployments: MDT 2012 offers integration with the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM) tool to ensure a secure Windows deployment from the start.

Reliability and flexibility: Existing MDT users will find more reliability and flexibility with the many small enhancements and bug fixes and a smooth and simple upgrade process.

Support for Windows 8: The RC1 release of MDT 2012 provides support for deploying Windows 8 Consumer Preview in a lab environment.